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About Us

Doglord is an original concept brought to life by the founder & owner Mr Tobi Samuels in March 2000, since then, he has owned and brought up dogs up till date and cannot picture a house without at least a dog. He firmly believes not only in providing an exceptional service when it comes to dog care,Canine Security Service, training,Pet Boarding,Pet relocation service, Pet grooming to mention a few, but also in changing people’s perception about the importance and relevance of canines in Nigeria.
“Your dog is a legitimate member of your family”….he always says.
DLK is run by a team of high class professional breeders, veterinarian doctors and dog lovers, who strive daily to establish principles in dog world which would form a basis by which all breeders within the federation will abide by.
At DLK we provide various canine related services. Our area of core competences include;
  • Canine Security Service
  • Pet boarding
  • Pet relocation service(international)
  • Pet store
  • Breeding
  • Consultancy on pet nutrition and care
  • Kennel construction to meet your specific need and space available.
  • Pet healthcare
  • Training
  • Sale of dogs & accessories